Hi! I’m a wife, mom, small business owner and children’s chauffeur. I love movies, music, sci-fi TV shows and reading – lots of reading!

I have lots of opinions – comes with being a redhead, I think. Also, fun loving, friendly and chatty.

I have two great children – Austin (13, son) and Tyler (9, daughter) – both share my love of reading. My husband, Mark, and I have been married 20 wonderful years and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

I quit my job as an office manager for a psychologist in May of 2011 to stay home with my kids and try to make our small businesses work – we have two. My wonderful husband works at Expedia during the day and does freelance website design evenings and weekends (www.3storygarage.com) – I help with the maintenance of several of those websites. Our other business is an online lingerie store called Curvilicious Lingerie. We decided that plus sized women deserved to have beautiful, sexy lingerie too and we set out to find vendors that manufactured the larger sizes.

Now I’ve decided to add a blog to my many endeavors – hopefully I can find enough to talk about!


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